Friday, April 22, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6 TOP TEN PREDICTIONS

Hey everybody!
AHHH!!!! GOT Season 6 premier is this weekend! Here are my top 10 predictions about major moments this season. These are not spoilers, just my guesses about what will happen.
  1. JON SNOW RETURNS. Okay, just a few weeks ago I would have said that Melisandre is going to resurrect John Snow. I would have thought it was the most certain thing to happen this season. However, now that I've seen the season trailer I'm really worried about this one... I still think John Snow is coming back, but I don't think Melisandre is going to do it, or maybe it takes her a few tries? The season trailer basically shows Melisandre trying trying to resurrect Jon Snow. There's no way HBO would tease that unless is was a fake out. Maybe I'm being too conspiratorial, but I'm convinced there will be a different route to John Snow's resurrection. Actually, I really dislike Melisandre, especially after she sacrificed Princess Shireen. It would be satisfying to see Melisandre fall flat on her smug face.
  2. R+L=J!!  Confirmation that John Snow is a Targaryen. There is a long-standing fan theory that Jon Snow is actually the son of Ned's sister Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. (Remember Littlefinger's conversation with Sansa in the crypts about her aunt Lyanna?) This would make Jon Snow a full blood prince of quite some standing. I think the show will confirm R+L=J this season. My guess is that it will be confirmed through one of Bran's visions. I'm not sure how else the show could reveal it, because everyone who would have been alive and known about Jon Snow's parentage is dead by now... Rest in peace Ned Stark.
  3. THE DOWNFALL OF CERSEI. YAAASSS!!!! A quick word about Jamie - I predict Jamie and Cersei are done-zo, over, kaput. Mycrella's death is going to completely rip them apart. I doubt Jamie will stay in King's Landing. With no one left who can curb Cersei's epic hatred and terrible decision making, King's Landing is going down in flames. I don't think Cersei will actually die this season. The Sept and the High Sparrow are no match for Cersei by themselves. However, considering the Lannister's alliance with the Tyrells in ruins AND there's an imminent war with Dorne, Cersei's power is slipping. However, she's not going down without a spectacular fight. Side note - Tommen is not long for this world.
  4. Daenerys unites the Dothraki to fight for her. When we last saw Daenerys she was picked up by Khal Jhaqo and it looks like she is back at the bottom of the pecking order for awhile. It seems like she's back to square one before she had her dragons, except she DOES still have her dragons. I don't think she'll marry the Khal. My guess is Drogon will eventually kill Daenerys's Dothraki enemies and thus Daenerys will rise to power. Remember, Dothraki value physical strength in their leaders moreso than anything else. Daenerys does not need a marriage alliance to be the strongest once Drogon is back in action. My guess is that Daenerys will try to use the support of the Dothraki to fight for the Iron Throne, but instead of ever fighting for the Iron Throne she'll end up fighting for team Humans against Ice Zombies.
  5. Tyrion rides a dragon. (!!!) In the books Tyrion has a lot of dragon dreams and is really into dragon lore. Pleeeaaasse let this happen, HBO! 
  6. SANSA- Girl rising (FINALLY!). I have waited so long for this, but Sansa is completely done shoveling other people's crap. I predict that as Cersei falls, Sansa will rise. I think Sansa and Theon will escape whatever hunting party the Boltons send after them with the help of Brienne and Pod. I really hope Brienne finds that candle still burning in the window and goes to help them. (Poor Brienne, all the Stark children turn down her help). Sansa has learned how to manipulate from the very best. Littlefinger and Cersei were her unlikely mentors. I think she will unite the north (and possibly the riverlands, where her mother was from) to knock the Boltons out of power. I also think the show might give Sansa some of the Lady Stoneheart revenge plot from the books.
  7. DEATH OF RAMSEY BOLTON. This is Ramsey Bolton’s last season. I can feel it. He is not long for this world. I’d say he deserves to be filleted, but I absolutely do not want to see another filleted human ever, even Ramsey Flipping Bolton. I would LOVE to see Sansa kill him off, but I don't think that will happen, at least not directly. I do think Sansa will be involved in Ramsey's demise, but I don't think we'll be lucky enough to see her personally off him. Theon killing Ramsey would also be incredibly satisfying.
  8. The Tyrells - Things are looking rough this season for team Tyrell. I don't think Margaery or Loras will die this season, though it's certainly on the table. The show always mentions how people go mad in the dungeon. My prediction is that Margaery and Loras will go mad. I think Lady Olenna will send an army to try to get the Tyrell heirs out of jail and back to Highgarden.
  9. Aarya - I predict Aarya stays in Braavos and becomes the world’s greatest blind assassin. I'm not thrilled about this. I would love to see Aarya's storyline collide with another major character. Ideally she'd go back to Westeros but I'd be cool with her going east to Danaerys. Unfortunately I don't think she'll break free from the House of Black and White this season. In the books there are a few clues that Aarya can warg. I would LOVE to see Aarya warg through her direwolf Nymeria. Actually, I'd love to see Aarya warg out of the House of Black and White into a different storyline. Those people with their hall of faces are CREEPY. But alas, I think Aarya will spend the season trying to get back into the good graces of the Many Faced God.
  10. Bran - Bran will be crucial in fighting the White Walkers. I think he'll start to be able to communicate to other people via weirwoods. I also think the white walkers will try to attack his/Bloodraven's tree. Bran will come out on top.

Other things I wish would happen, but I don’t think will happen (at least not yet):

  • Sansa is the death of the Littlefinger.
  • Aarya kills everyone on her list.
  • The sand snakes would disappear (snooze fest)
  • Jamie repeats his Kingslayer moment with Aerys (The Mad King) via killing a mad Cersei Lannister ... I'm holding out for this to happen Season 8 
  • The Wall comes tumbling down in an magnificent explosion. White Walkers are EVERYWHERE. It's even snowing in Dorne.

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