Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 Current Book Review Policy

I am currently accepting, at my own discretion, e- and print-ARCs and books for review consideration from publicists, authors, agents, etc. You may contact me by email at Please keep in mind:
  • I only respond to offers that interest me. 
  • I write for this blog and also review on Goodreads, Amazon and on my Youtube channel. I may choose to write or vlog review for a book I receive on any medium on which I am active. I often review the same book on multiple mediums. 
  • I typically also like to feature books I review on my bookstagram Instagram account @Brittany.Reads
  • I AM NOT A 5 * REVIEW SERVICE. If you send me a book, please understand that does not mean I will write or speak about the book in a positive way. 
  • I tend to like nonfiction, historical fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, comics, cookbooks young adult and children's literature
  • I tend to dislike thrillers,"chick lit" and romance, mysteries and horror. I do make exceptions if something about the book interests me in particular, but I have a higher rate of rejecting review requests from these genres. 
I do not have affiliate links on my blog or channel. All of my reviews are the personal opinions of someone who reads for pleasure in her free time. 

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